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The Season Of Love

The Season Of Love

A collection of five short stories. Holidays, the season of love. Life can be stressful and when relationships are in peril, the season can be brutal. Five stories of couples re-finding themselves and restoring love to their lives.


Bahama Christmas
It has been two years since Maddie fiancés death, and it’s Christmas, the time of family and couples. She is tired of feeling like the fifth wheel. Solution, a cruise. Santa Claus or maybe the Christmas Angel has a gift in store for her.

A Divorce For Christmas
Unable to get pregnant Lori Harper is taking the getting there to a new level. With How-To-Books in hand she has become a woman with a mission. With ‘things’ down to the clinical, Brad is feeling anything but amorous. In fact he has had enough of the command performances and wants out.

The Age of Love
Ariana doesn’t know how she let it happen, but she’s fallen in love with Joel who is eight years younger than she is. The relationship is complicated by the fact that Joel’s mother is Ariana’s best friend. Joel presses for marriage but Ariana can’t bring herself to come out with their relationship. The only solution Ariana see’s is breaking off with Joel. He isn’t giving up on them and sets about bringing their relationship out in the open.

No Perfect Marriage
When Kade gets a call in the middle night from his wife saying their teenage son is in jail he knows he needs to take a position. The marriage is over so they need to make it official. But first they need to get Josh home, and to do this they need to present a united family image to the judge. Is the house big enough for both of them and can they live together until after the holidays?

Spontaneous Love
Leah and Dean Coogan feel that their marriage in trouble, but can’t seem to stop the downward spiral. Leah’s solution is to make everything perfect for Dean. The perfect house, perfect meals, perfect everything. The harder she works the more Dean feels left out. She doesn’t hear him when he tries to explain that he wants her to do things with him, not for him.

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